Waterproofing Projects




How many 5-Gallons of waterproofing paint do you need to paint your rooftop, pool, bathroom or other surfaces?

Before you begin painting your pool’s walls and roof, ceiling or bathroom you need to estimate the amount of paint you will use. Determine the total length around by adding together the length of all the surfaces then use the following calculator to estimate how much paint you will need for covering your project.

Sum of areas: Square meters
Required 5 gallon pail ( NANOISOLA Waterproofing ):

In order to waterproofing you need three layers of NANOISOLA Waterproofing paint on each surface (about 600 microns). The above calculator estimates three layers of waterproofing paint for your desired surface area.


It is recommended to use a mesh-plastic guard while you are applying NANOISOLA Waterproofing on roofs to improve its mechanical resistance. First, coat the roof by one layer of NANOISOLA Waterproofing, add the mesh-plastic guard, then coat the mesh-plastic guard with two layers of NANOISOLA Waterproofing until the guard iscompletely concealed by the paint. Keep away the painted surfaces from any touch for72 hours.