NANOISOLA - Waterproofing / Dustproofing



NANOISOLA coatings are a grand breaking product by Nanofan Industrial Coatings LLC that utilizes a nanocomposite with an extremely low thermal conductivity and hydrophobic nature.

NANOISOLA Waterproofing / Dustproofing brings the innovation of a global leader in technology to protect and shelter our assets and our people by providing roofing systems which give us sustainable waterproofing protection in all situations.

NANOISOLA Waterproofing / Dustproofing liquid roof coatings are tough, cold applied giving exceptional durability and lasting peace of mind. This coating provides a lasting barrier to water penetration will not embrittle and are highly resistant to sunlight.

Easily applied to all types of roof structure their liquid composition allows complex shapes to be easily and seamlessly waterproofed without removal, in many cases, to the existing substrate, meaning less disruption during application.

We provide water based coatings, new coating to the market, with nanocomposite technology, makes the surfaces anti-dust, and water-resistant, with outstanding features. Applied to new concrete or intact previously painted concrete and cement rendered substrates; it provides a superior resistance to the effects of efflorescence or moisture and a supreme resistance to dust.


Product Benefits - Waterproofing

  • Insulating and waterproofing Basements, Roofs, Bathrooms and Building facades
  • It has both the properties of insulation and waterproofing at the same time
  • Water-based paint, with No solvent
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High flexibility
  • Long lasting, durable for at least 20 years
  • Water resistant, water hydrant & protective against rain, damp, moisture
  • UV Resistance
  • High resistance to different weather conditions
  • No need to remove the previous existing surface
  • Easy to use (brush, roller, spray)
  • Competitive price with similar products in the market.
  • Applicable on any surface.
  • 5-year warranty


Product Benefits - Dustproofing

  • Droplet formation during rinse, cleaning or rain, easy to clean effect
  • Reduced dust accumulation on surfaces
  • Chemical free cleaning possible. Waterless cleaning
  • Cost effective, highest coverage rate in the industry
  • For exterior or interior use
  • Superior adhesive and cohesive properties
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Extremely resistance to dust and sand pick up
  • Conforms to environmental specifications
  • Alkali resistant
  • Easy to apply


Where to use 

  • Dustproofing and waterproofing basements, roofs, bathrooms and building facades
  • Waterproofing and sealing pools, sauna, Jacuzzi and parts in contact with damp
  • Applicable on any surface, even the ones that already exists
  • Waterproofing and Dustproofing the foundation of a building
  • Dustproofing and waterproofing walls, buildings and gable roof





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