Tank Insulation Coatings - NANOISOLA Thermal Insulation Coatings

NANOISOLA is the Last Tanks & Vessels Insulation




Multiple Benefits For Tanks & Vessels


Thermal Insulation


Safe Touch Solution

Asset Protection 


Insulating tanks and vessels can be challenging if you’re trying to use a wrapped, fibrous, foam glass or Rockwool insulation. They degrade rapidly, absorb moisture immediately, and are costly to install over large areas. Most importantly, they cause corrosion under insulation (CUI), significantly decreasing asset lifespan.

Facility managers need THERMAL TANK INSULATION that’s effective, easy-to-install while tanks are in-service, extremely durable in all weather and factory conditions, and PREVENTS CORROSION. One that will stand up to harsh outdoor and factory environments without degrading and that will provide consistent insulation performance for decades.

NANOISOLA industrial thermal insulation coating by Nanofan checks all the boxes when it comes to effective, durable, non-flammable, and long-term thermal insulation for vessels and tanks of all shapes and sizes.

This coating is a powerful, environmentally friendly, water-based acrylic latex containing a low K hydrophobic nanocomposite designed for applications where superior performance is needed. Use for outside oil tank insulation, both pipe and tank insulation, storage tank insulation, LNG tank insulation, and more.

NANOISOLA coatings represent a superior liquid tank wrap insulation that stands up to any environment without need for exterior cover. Besides just thermal protection for insulation of tanks, our technology also offers several protective benefits for insulated storage tanks such as UV resistance, corrosion and CUI resistance, and chemical resistance. 


Industries and equipment types served include:

  • Chemical Processing Tanks
  • Food and Beverage Storage & Processing Tanks
  • Oil and Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Outside Oil Tank Insulation
  • Pulp and Paper Processing Tanks
  • Water Storage Tank Insulation
  • Tank Wrap Insulation
  • Water and Wastewater Tanks
  • Fuel Tank Insulation
  • LNG Tank Insulation
  • Pressure Tank Insulation
  • Asphalt Tanks
  • Water Cylinder Insulation