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Nanofan Industrial Coating  are a company registered in Oman. Our various products entitled as advanced coatings are engineered to solve problems at industries and buildings and are not classified as normal paints. This is a patented technology provided many advantages in comparison with normal paints and Based on our previous experience, we could have a good market even beside many well-known paint and coating companies.


NANOISOLA is our Coatings Brand that utilizes a nanocomposite with an extremely low thermal conductivity and hydrophobic nature.

Nanofan Industrial Coating specializes in developing sustainable, earth friendly nanotechnology-based solutions that are easy to use and designed to save energy, protect plant assets, and reduce carbon footprints


Our NANOISOLA, patented technology utilizes nanotechnology to provide materials with a unique combination of characteristics, which are not usually found together in the same product. These include; thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, mold resistance, chemical resistance, and flame resistance. We also strive to create earth friendly technologies which positively impact the environment by reducing energy use.



               NANOISOLA - Residential


             NANOISOLA - Waterproofing


                  NANOISOLA - Industrial


                 NANOISOLA - Decorative



                    NANOISOLA - Traffic



              NANOISOLA - Fire Retardant