Logistics and Inventory Management



NANOFAN’s value-added services including logistics and inventory management make us the partner of choice for both customers and suppliers. NANOFAN offers an effective Inventory Management process to reduce your working capital whilst improving operational efficiency. Ask us for details on how NANOFAN can reduce the total cost of your chemical distribution supply chain.

Our services are summarized as following;

1- Established warehouse facilities

2- Chemical Material handling expertise

3- Logistical capabilities to meet your specific needs

Whether hazardous or non-hazardous, liquid or solid, bulk tanked, drummed or bagged, NANOFAN guarantees the safe, professional and competent handling of your chemical products. Benefit from our expertise in product applications and technical requirements.

NANOFAN by handling required Chemical manufacturing and supply industrial license, well equip laboratory, environmental permit for chemical import and export and provides export, import and inventory Chemicals by handling required document and certificates to clearance, Marketing and Supply in the Sultanate of Oman such as; or re-exporting your product to any country as you demanded.

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