NANOISOLA - Traffic



NANOISOLA Traffic coating, a nanotechnology product formulated to deliver extraordinary performance, and is a new generation of water-born traffic paints which produces highly visible raised lines, offers outstanding durability.

This property assures that this coating will stay bright and clean much longer than traditional traffic paints. NANOISOLA Traffic coating advanced properties make it a cost effective marking material that help increase the safety of public roads and keep parking lots properly delineated, and is recommended for striping long line traffic markings on roads and highways, or other traffic surfaces including parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and runways. It may be applied over asphalt, Portland cement and concrete pavement.


Product Benefits

  • Maximum durability
  • Improved adhesion for longer life applications
  • Maximum film build and multi-layering
  • Fast drying under a wide range of climatic conditions
  • Remains flexible over time
  • Can be applied with conventional or airless spray equipment
  • No thinning for application


Where to use

  • Highways
  • Local roads
  • Intersections and crossings
  • Airport markings
  • Parking lots



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