Innovative Idea

The application of Intelligence to Industry based upon Integrity


NANOISOLA technologies and products are some of the world’s most advanced and simple to use energy saving technologies available. All NanoIsola products are designed to be environmentally safe and easy to apply by simply coating the substrate with a thin layer of material which paint has overturned the underlying interpretation of insulation.


And what is "Nanotechnology"?

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of cell and atomic structure in materials that are no larger than a billionth of a meter in size.

“Science and technology on the scale of a nanometer - one billionth of a meter - is revolutionary.

Nanotechnology could change the way almost everything is designed and made”.

How it Works

The insulating component is NANOISOLA a material we call Nano Silicasol XL100. Passage of thermal energy through an insulating material is an attempt by hotter, fast vibrating molecules to transfer energy to cooler, slow vibrating molecules in order to reach equilibrium. It occurs in three ways; solid conductivity, gaseous conductivity, and radiative (infrared) transmission. The total of these is the thermal conductivity of the material. Our material is by far, the world's worst conductor of thermal energy and the world's best insulator.

Thermal conduction through a material is hindered by the tiny size of the connections between the particles making up the conduction path. The solids that are present consist of very small particles linked in a three-dimensional network (with many "dead-ends"). Therefore, thermal transfer through the solid portion occurs through a very complicated maze and is not very effective. Air and gas in the material can inherently also transport thermal energy, but the gas molecules within the matrix experience that is known as the Knudsen Effect and the exchange of energy is virtually eliminated. Conduction is limited because the "tunnels" are only the size of the mean-free path for molecular collisions, smaller than a wave of light. Molecules collide with the solid network as frequently as they collide with each other.



The unique structure... nanometer-sized cells, pores, and particles, means poor thermal conduction. Radiative conduction is low due to small mass fractions and large surface areas.


NANOISOLA insulating products have helped industrial companies reduce their overall energy costs related to heat producing processes and helped residential and building customers reduce heating and cooling costs.