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How many cans do you need to insulate your pipes, tanks or other industrial equipment?

Before you begin covering your pipes, tanks or other industrial equipment you need to estimate the amount of pails you will use. Determine total surface area and use the following calculator to estimate how many pails you will need for covering all the surface area. Pipe-lines increase the amount of coating you need (around 50 percent), it should be considered before you start covering. You can also get more information about how many gallons of pails you need by our technical center.

Sum of areas - Sqm
Number of Coats
Required 5 gallon can NANOISOLA Industrial

How many cans you need is depend on the surface temperature of pipes, tanks or other industrial surfaces and also it is depend on the final surface temperature you will reach after coating the surface. The following chart demonstrates the coating thickness based on surface temperatures. Each layer covers around 500 microns of the coating.

Temperature Coating thickness Coats
 30-50c  0.5mm  1
 50-70c  1mm  2
 70-90c  1.5mm  3
 90-120c  2mm  4
 120-140c  2.5mm  5
 140-160c  3mm  6