Heat Exchanger Insulation - NANOISOLA Thermal Insulation Coatings

NANOISOLA products can help you expertly and simply insulate your Heat Exchangers



Multiple Benefits For Heat Exchanger

Thermal Insulation


 Safe Touch Solution


Heat exchangers come in all shapes and sizes, which makes insulating them a challenge with older types of insulation. They’re not easily wrapped with fiberglass or mineral wool and pre-formed sleeves are expensive and don’t always fit perfectly. Plus, those insulators cause corrosion under insulation (CUI).

It’s important that the whole steam system, including heat exchangers, is insulated to save energy, keep surface temperatures at a safe-to-touch range, and to maintain steam quality.

NANOISOLA thermal insulation coatings are easily sprayed on to all shapes of equipment. They can handle the bends of shell and tube heat exchangers and the tight spaces of plate heat exchangers. They really fit anything you spray them on a like a glove!

Our innovative energy saving and asset protection coatings help Facility Managers overcome the challenges of insulating odd configurations and equipment in hot, moisture-laden environments. These nano-engineered coatings provide spectacular results, simply! They also provide world-class protection from corrosion and CUI, while also insulating.


Product Benefits

  • Excellent thermal insulation in a thin film coating
  • Anti-Corrosion & Thermal Barrier Coating
  • Energy savings - reduces energy consumption for heating or cooling
  • Exhibits outstanding durability with excellent adhesion to aluminum, steel, copper and …
  • Can be applied at thicknesses between 0.5 mm up to 3 mm or more
  • Water based, one-part coating and has no "pot life"
  • Reduces surface temperature of hot pipes and equipment
  • Can be easily "touched up" after minor structural repairs
  • Provides immediate and consistent long-term energy savings
  • Deployment in a variety of harsh environments
  • Provides protection from harmful UV rays
  • Non-toxic, Low odor and Low VOC
  • Can insulate surfaces up to 200C
  • Contains no harmful chlorides
  • No exterior cladding or Insulation Jackets needed
  • Abrasion Resistant - Chemical Resistant