Furnace Insulation - NANOISOLA Thermal Insulation Coatings

NANOISOLA Furnace Insulation is THE Next Generation of Insulation




Multiple Benefits For HVAC Systems

Energy Saving


 Chemical Resistant


NANOISOLA furnace insulation technology is the top choice for a diverse range of insulating paint applications over both furnaces and equipment. Save energy on heat process equipment by using our insulating paint on equipment like furnaces, pipes, pipelines, tanks, ovens, boilers, heat exchangers and more. Our insulating paint technology has solved the old problem of corrosion-under-insulation (CUI) by both insulating and preventing corrosion/CUI with a single product. They are also naturally mold, moisture, and UV resistant and chemical resistant too.

NANOISOLA thermal paints help organizations improve energy efficiency, lower their carbon footprint, and reduce maintenance costs. They are also typically a more effective insulating paint than other non-patented hi temp coatings or ceramic insulation. This is because our thermal barrier paints are true insulators that do not rely on reflectivity to improve energy efficiency or lower exterior surface temperatures.

NANOISOLA low VOC insulating paints are a rare technology that makes a perfect thermal insulation for furnaces and equipment, providing a number of solutions in for factories, commercial buildings, and homes. These thermal paints are economical and efficient. They can be easily applied while equipment is operating – No Downtime! And can coat all odd equipment or building configurations and bond with your existing substrate 100%-no more energy loss and thermal bridging from uninsulated equipment. we can solve so many problems on virtually all shapes and sizes of surfaces, plus prevent the huge and costly problems of corrosion and mold in the process.

Just spray, roll or brush on the insulation paint to achieve the following sustainable benefits:

  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Reduce Carbon and GHG Emissions
  • Prevent Corrosion and CUI
  • Cool Surfaces to Safe Touch
  • Provide Resistance to Chemicals
  • Protect Surfaces up to 200C

That’s the power of NANOISOLA multipurpose thermal insulating paints for furnace insulation!