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Through the power of nanotechnology a new leader for industrial insulation, corrosion prevention, mold resistance, chemical and flame resistance has emerged.

NANOISOLA coatings are powered by a green technology, developed by Nanofan Industrial Coatings, a pioneer of the leading manufacturer of nanotechnology based paint and coatings in the Middle East. Since 2007, the coatings have been reducing energy costs and protecting assets in homes, businesses, and factories around the world.

The product line of NANOISOLA acrylic coating systems employ a microsized particle with a nano-scale internal architecture which affects the surface chemistry and allows NANOISOLA to have properties that are unique for a coating. Not only does NANOISOLA have the ability to severely limit the way in which thermal energy, or heat, travels through the material - meaning it is not reliant on thickness for its insulating ability, once fully cured, it is also highly moisture resistant, giving the coatings their mold and corrosion resistant capabilities.

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        CHEMICAL PLANT                               SAMAIL FACTORY                          POLYETHYLENE TANK



           PETROCHEMICAL                               OIL & GAS