Nanofan at a glance 



NANOFAN Industrial Coatings was founded in 2007, as one of the leading manufacturer of Paint Insulation in the Middle East, funds in research with leading laboratories and elite scientists in the fields of chemicals, polymers, coatings and Nano science. Our activities span from exploration and production of Nano Energy Saving, water-proofing and protective coatings, accurately follows up the developing step of the industry, persists in the developing of specialization, Nano technology, and standardization.

We are developing technologies and products which are some of the world’s most advanced and simple to use energy saving technologies available. Our products are designed to be environmentally safe and easily to apply by a simple coating with a thin layer of material which paint has overturned the underlying interpretation of insulation.

We believed the company should pursue "The application of Intelligence to Industry based upon Integrity".

The three key words of the above statement, Intelligence, Industry, and Integrity, are the three core values of our organization. These values are also known today as Leadership, Innovation and Performance, as stated in our Internal Vision. This philosophy continues to serve as the guiding principle behind Company policy.

    Some information about Nanofan's logo:

 - Continual letters demonstrate unity and team-work in Nanofan Company. 

 - 'S' graph shows lifetime cycle of nanotechnology products. 

 - Spheres demonstrate step by step and gradual progress in nanotechnology.

- Uncompleted spheres demonstrate: firstly, we are acting on science ridges and secondly, we are trying to be participant

    in completion of this cycle.